Change is needed for our environment.

Our team’s collective experience in sustainability solutions has enabled RED to respond to the urgent environmental agenda with a clear, ambitious, and relevant set of objectives.

Every stage of RED’s operational process – from sourcing materials to energy consumption to waste management – is being addressed to ensure best practices in environmental responsibility. How we work with our clients means that, from the outset, we are involved in decisions that make a difference.

Beyond our own business, we are also exploring ways to reduce carbon in construction projects and the long-term lifecycle of the buildings we develop. RED has successfully pioneered the usage of low-carbon materials such as Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT), which has been delivered as part of the structural frames of Axtell House, Brent Cross Town Pavilion and Greville Street.

We regularly work with client partners who share our values and projects that align with our sustainable principles. RED is currently targeting a BREEAM Outstanding rating as part of the PCSA for an innovative prime mixed-use development in central London. We have also achieved BREEAM Excellent ratings across several other recently delivered schemes. 

“Sustainability has become an essential focus across all industries. Construction needs to lead the charge, especially as we build for the future and push towards zero-carbon developments. Our team is qualified to deliver and input across all areas of BREEAM and sustainability, and we are passionate about exploring innovative methods with our clients, design team and supply chain. This will enable us to procure sustainable materials and ensure we are future proofing across all of RED’s output and operations.”
— Toby Yonge – Design Director


Change is essential for our society

As a natural extension of our values, we want to create a positive and enduring legacy.

Change in the construction industry is overdue. We believe RED can pave the way for Construction to advance in a new direction, changing behaviours in the industry for the better. 

Our dealings are open and transparent in partnership with our clients, based on aligned standards and principles. We want our projects to be a catalyst in the regions and communities in which we work. 

We are also committed to supporting our team. The wellbeing of our people is paramount, and we are taking steps to dismantle and address the issues and stigmas facing the construction industry, especially those of wellbeing and mental health.

Energy and investment are focused on training to encourage skills and establish bright futures for the next generation. RED has appointed a Head of Learning and Development to concentrate solely on developing staff, ensuring the team has the necessary knowledge, tools and support to thrive.

The world is changing, but RED is responding, adapting, and controlling change, as proven throughout the pandemic. We are proud to have overcome the challenges without impacting staff or reliance on government support while also achieving considerable business growth. 


Change is overdue for our industry

In the wake of Brexit and widespread materials shortages, RED is proud to continue its robust and stable relationship with an established network of trusted suppliers. Extensive work has been carried out with RED’s committed supply chain partners to confirm the same, if not better commercial terms, which in turn has enabled RED to uphold its reputation for reliable delivery.

RED has secured a storage and logistics facility that services all Group’s divisions, ensuring early and up-front procurement. RED has collaborated with suppliers to provide ample and timely deliveries for unique and critical materials manufactured in Europe, such as CLT.

BXT Visitor Pavilion - Progress - Slawo Urban for RED Construction-14.jpg

Fluctuations in the labour force and materials are rife in the industry. RED is facing these challenges head-on through rigorous planning and management and by taking the time to understand the best way to work with and sustain our high-quality tradespeople and suppliers. 

Wherever possible, our procurement strategy focuses on suppliers local to a project. Not only does this help mitigate any risk of delay, but it also supports the community economically.