Environmental Policy

RED Construction Group Ltd (RED) is a construction company engaged in the management of design and construction projects within various market sectors across the UK.

The Company’s Management recognises that its activities have an impact on the Environment and is committed to reduce that impact. RED is committed to continuous improvement of its Environmental standards, setting clear objectives with an effective and regular review of performance.

The Company will put its Environmental Policy into practice by pursuing specific objectives and we will:

  • Conduct our activities with proper regard to the protection of the Environment

  • Comply with all relevant Regulatory and Legislative requirements and Codes of Practices

  • Communicate with local communities to minimise any disturbance caused by our works

  • Ensure that our staff have a good understanding of the Environmental impacts of our business and what is expected of them to minimise these impacts

  • Ensure our Suppliers and Contractors are aware of this Policy and ensure they apply similar standards to their own work.

Environmental Targets;

  • Implement a Policy for reducing waste and recycling materials at our Offices and Sites

  • Issue this Policy to all Suppliers and encourage them to produce their own Policy Statement

The RED Board of Directors has overall responsibility for this policy and its implementation. Details of individual levels of responsibility together with this policy, will be revised and reviewed on a regular basis. This Policy Statement will be prominently displayed at all Sites and work Places. Employees can obtain further information about Environmental issues from there.