RED Construction Group Ltd recognises the impact that our operations have on the environment, the communities that we become part of and the employees that commit to delivering our goals.

We ensure that our business is conducted in all respects according to rigorous ethical, professional and legal standards. Our values of integrity and honesty are upheld by the experts that we employ throughout the business to ensure that we are aware of our legal and moral requirements, and continue to provide excellent service delivery to our customers. This is reflected in the following actions:

  • Creating and supporting a workforce that conducts business activities with professional and ethical integrity.

  • Achieving our internal KPI’s and benchmarks for success and improving on these yearly.

  • Prioritising innovation, research and development projects as basic factors of our competitive success and for the creation of differential value in the market.

  • Collaborating with government, non-government organisations and social partners in projects and activities in relation to social development, environmental protection and occupational safety.

  • Respecting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and seeking to be guided by its provisions in the conduct of our business.

We strive to be a good corporate citizen and contribute to the socio-economic development of the communities we work in. We recognise our responsibility to work in partnership with communities and do so through the following:

  • Supporting local charities across our sites

  • Undertaking community projects

  • Supporting the employment of trainees through our sites and within our offices

  • Providing community education and employability workshops and presentations on working within construction

  • Providing site visits to local schools, colleges and universities

  • Supporting our employees in their charitable activities

We are committed to mitigating the environmental impact of our activities through our environmental management systems and procedures. Through continuous improvement and reporting of our direct and indirect impacts, we monitor and improve upon our environmental performance. This is achieved through:

  • Conducting our activities with proper regard to the protection of the Environment

  • Following our sustainable timber procurement policy and strategy

  • Complying with all relevant Regulatory and Legislative requirements and Codes of Practices

  • Committing to setting targets to divert waste from landfill, reporting these and improving yearly

  • Communicating with local communities to minimise any disturbance caused by our works

  • Ensuring that our staff have a good understanding of the Environmental impacts of our business and what is expected of them to minimise these impacts

We are committed to providing a working environment which is both safe and fit for the intended purpose. Our health & safety management systems and procedures ensure that we consistently operate at a level that ensures Health & Safety is a priority for all business operations. It is our policy to:

  • Conduct activities in a way to take foremost account of the Health and Safety of Employees and others who may be affected by our activities.

  • Comply with all relevant Regulatory and Legislative requirements and Codes of Practice

  • Operate a Health and Safety management system, the implementation of which is a management responsibility with the active leadership of Managers and participation of all staff encouraged

  • Ensure that our staff have a good understanding of the Health and Safety impacts of our business and what they are expected to do to manage these impacts

  • Provide appropriate training to enable our employees to carry out their health and safety responsibilities

  • Strive for continuous improvement in Health and Safety and set annual targets for improvement.

We are guided by our aim to be an employer of choice and strive to ensure that the RED workplace engenders cooperation and innovation through:

  • Maintaining a workplace free of any personal harassment, whether or not it is based on, racial, sexual, political or religious differences.

  • Ensuring that all employees are treated fairly and respectfully by their line management and colleagues.

  • Effective two-way communication with our employees and encouraging them to suggest alterations to Company policies and practices to enable us to continuously improve

  • Providing competitive salaries and benefits

  • Providing training and development to help employees exceed in their roles and support their personal caree aspirations.

  • Company sponsored employee events

We regard the members of our supply chain as partners and work with them to help us achieve our corporate responsibility goals. This is achieved through:

  • Regularly reviewing supply chain partners that work on our sites to ensure they maintain our commitment to corporate responsibility, and demonstrate continuous development and improvement.

  • Ensuring that our supply chain partners have a corporate responsibility policy in place that applies similar standards to our own

  • Endeavouring to use local businesses

  • The Responsible sourcing of materials and services

  • Ensuring Agency labour complies with employment regulations